Created from sounds and reverbs gathered at the pottery studio in Colorado State University's Visual Arts Building, "Visual Arts A, Pottery Studio" presents a series of pieces inspired by and created with the space. Drawing on a bright and open creative studio space, the four tracks play with the metallic and wooden tones of the many pottery wheels along with a sampling of sounds from the building itself. "Fragments 1-4" are made from this collection of sounds and "Visual Arts A, Sonic Tour" is a sonic piece made from the resonances of the entire space. 
Fragment 1

Sounds of pottery wheels-- metal surfaces, and wood benches.

Fragment 2
Sounds of the building-- wooden boards and metal plates​​​​​​​.

Fragment 3

Pad sampled from metal pottery wheel.

Fragment 4

More sounds of the building-- wooden boards and metal plates.

Visual Arts A Sonic Tour, Build

Accumulating layers of ambient noise from the pottery studio piled on top of one another until the resonances of the space emerge.

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